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Yazd Traditional Houses And Ecolodges

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Shadkam Guest House Shadkam Guest House

Shadkam Guest House

Shadkam Village, Bafq, Yazd
From 1400000 IRR
Shadkam Guest House, a rocky garden eco-lodge in two floors in Shadkam Village in Bafq. At the beginning of the entrance to Shadkam Guest House, you f ...
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Rostagh House Rostagh House

Rostagh House

Rostagh, Ashkezar, Yazd
From 1800000 IRR
Rostagh House in Ashkezar District in Yazd Province is a rural house located in a historic and desert village called Rostagh which the ecolodge is nam ...
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Hajikhan Ecolodge Hajikhan Ecolodge

Hajikhan Ecolodge

Eslamiyeh village, Taft, Yazd
From 2000000 IRR
Hajikhan Ecolodge in Taft is a traditional garden hotel dating back to the early Pahlavi era. The garden house belonged to Haj Mohammad Ali Khan Faras ...
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Nartitee Ecolodge Nartitee Ecolodge

Nartitee Ecolodge

Kookabiye Bridge, Taft, Yazd
From 2700000 IRR
Traditional Nartitee Ecologe is in a tropical pomegranate garden in Taft built thoroughly out of mudbrick. Nartitee is originality a Mazandarani word ...
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Saraye Kohan Hotel Saraye Kohan Hotel

Saraye Kohan Hotel

Imam Khomieni St, Yazd
From 3600000 IRR
In the old days, Saraye Kohan Hotel was known as Qeisari-ha House, a house in the historical context of the Imam Street dating back to the Qajar era. ...
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