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Recently, Yazd has become one of the health tourism hubs in the country due to proficient specialists and experts as well as modern hospitals and various medical centers with updated equipment. Many travelers and tourists travel to Yazd to receive medical services. Here, top medical centers and hospitals, as well as specialists in Yazd are introduced, by reading about which you can decide which center is the most suitable for the purpose you are seeking.

No. Name Field of Specialty Phone Number Address
1 Dr. Majid Emtiazi Traditional Medicine Specialist +98 35 36223107 In front of Rasoulian Mosque, Hana Alley, Taleghani Blvd, Yazd
2 Dr. Mohammad Asgar Farashah Traditional Medicine Specialist +98 35 37282231-2 Floor 2, next to the Golzar Alley, Shahid Hedayati Alley (in front of Mellat Bank), Taleghani Blvd, Yazd
3 Dr. Elham Ghadami Yazdi Traditional Medicine Specialist +98 35 37256281 Golha Alley, 2nd Tohid Alley, Shahid Beheshti Blvd, Imam Hosein Sq, Yazd
4 Dr. Seyed Kazem Kazemeini Traditional Medicine Specialist +98 35 35240777 Khatam Al-Anbia Super Speciality Clinic, Taleghani Blvd, Yazd
5 Dr. Hashem Beigi Traditional Medicine Specialist +98 35 36284080 Alley number 42, Imam Jafar Sadigh Blv, Yazd
6 Dr. Roghayeh Zare Traditional Medicine Specialist +98 35 32633000 Shahid Beheshti Clinic, Yazd
7 Dr. Seyed Ali Khodaei Traditional Medicine Specialist +98 35 37280228 Yazd Diabete Research Center, Talar Honar Alley, Shahid Sadoughi Blvd, Bahonar Sq, Yazd
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