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Travel guide to Yazd

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Yazd is the ancient and historic city that Marco polo described as a magnificent, beautiful and thriving city which is located between Kavir Desert and Lut Desert in central plateau of Iran.
Historic and traditional neighborhoods with the mudbrick alleys, mosques, Bazaars, historical hammams, and houses are the most salient feature of this city. Old city of Yazd was registered as a world heritage in UNESCO and encourages many tourists to come and visit the history and originality of Iran. The originality which still can be seen anywhere in the old city of Yazd with its simple and honest people who are renowned for their hospitality and kindness.
“The city of bicycles” and “The city of wind towers” are titles of Yazd city.
Like the conditions of the central Iranian plateau, the weather in Yazd province is also a dry desert climate, where you can enjoy desert tours.

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