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Meybod which is considered as one of the oldest cities in the world with 7,000-year-old history is located in Yazd province. The most important monument of Meybod is Narin Castle which has the title of the oldest monument of the world.
Most of the attractions of Meybod were registered in the list of national monuments. Due to its historic sites, caravansaries and many other landmarks, Meybod is one of the most-visited cities of the province.
Discovering some Sassanid coins indicates that Meybod was an important city at this period.
The city of Meybod is the second commercial and urban center of Yazd province. It is interesting to know that Meybod industry is based on pottery, iron melting, ceramic and tile, and the city is considered to be the hub of this product, producing half of the country's ceramic tile.

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