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Behabad with a great antiquity, is located on the foothills between two mountains. The ancient monuments of Bemookane in this city prove the great history of human habitation in this region.
The Behabad with a semi-arid climate and the average rainfall of 72 mm per year has two opposite areas: lush green areas in the west and the south, and the desert region in the east, which is considered as the city's wonders.
Behabad desert is very pristine and with the least light pollution, which makes it an ideal place for tourists and especially those interested in astronomy.
The city has about 190 villages and agricultural crops include wheat, pistachio, grape, pomegranate, barley, cumin, and recently high quality saffron. In the past, grapes of Behabad were famous, but now most of the gardens in this area are used for pistachios cultivation.

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