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Taft is located in the southwest of Yazd Province and has a relatively moderate climate due to its location on the Shirkuh foothills.
Taft is considered as a place of recreation in the spring and summer for the people of Yazd due to its green lush villages such as Deh Bala and Tezerjan.
In terminology Taft means a basket full of fruit and the word means hot, but in fact it is one of the coolest areas of the Province. Due to its mild climate and large number of gardens all over the city, Taft is nicknamed as Garden City.
The old people of Taft are often busy with agriculture and the city is full of fruit gardens such as pomegranates, almonds, apricots and etc. which have provided the greenery and vitality of the city.
Taft is also famous for its Ashura rituals in Imam Khomeini Hosseiniyeh as a cultural and religious ceremony.

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