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Ashkezar county with the dry and relatively warm climate is located by the Yazd-Ardakan road.
The city of Ashkezar was first established by Ashkin Zal or Ashk Bi Zal , one of the Parthian Khans whose wife’s name was Zar (short form of Azar). So the name of Ashkezar is the combination of these two words (Ashk and Zar). The settlement in this city also dates back to the time of the Parthian Empire.
The city of Ashkezar, with its 2000-year-old history, has many historical attractions, including mosques, castles, an anthropology museum, Ab Anbars, water mills, and mausoleums.
In this area, due to the existence of sandstorms, the crescent hills (the wind erosion phenomena) has been formed throughout the region. This which is why houses and the important places are located between farms and gardens.

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