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Stone House of Bahabad ( Al-e Taha House )

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City : Bahabad
Address : Daneshi Village, Bahabad
Type of attractions : Historical

An All-Stone House

Stone House of Bahabad is an old and unique house made entirely of stone, the indigenous materials of that area.
This building, also known as the Al-e Taha House , has been built in the form of all-stone to keep the building in cold winters cold and hot summers.
According to the local studies, Stone House is estimated to be 200 to 250 years old. The noteworthy point is the smooth and even facade of the building built by flat stones.

Stone House of Bahabad

Amazing Ceilings of Stone House of Bahabad

It is interesting to know that this house has false ceilings that are visible above the doors of the building. How were these cieling implemented? Threads were used under the ceilings as a preserver, and then the small and smooth stones were tied to the threads by the gypsum made in the area. 
Unfortunately, due to lack of custody over the years, much of the building including a part of its stone-bench roof has been completely destroyed. However, it was later repaired, unfortunately the original form of the facade was not met.
Stone House of Bahabad is currently located in a village known as Daneshi near Kamkuiye of Bahabad.

Stone House of Bahabad

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