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Meybod Narin Castle

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City : Meybod
Address : Shahrdari Sq, Meybod, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting Hours : 8:00 - 17:00
Visiting days : Every weekday
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : 500,000 IRR

Let's visit the oldest castle in Yazd province, the most spectacular the most important monument in Meybod, Narin Castle .
It is located on Shahrdari Square, Meybod, Yazd.

Meybod Narin Castle

Architecture of Narin Castle

Narin Castle or Narin Qaleh was built in seven floors (or five floors) at the top of the highest hill in Meybod to overlook the whole town.
Narin Castle was built on an oval plan. First, a trench was dug up around the castle , then the castle was built from up to down. Narin castle was built spirally labyrinth to down. The building was built in three floors and called Hakemneshin which means a safe place for the ruler. The oldest parts of the building belong to these floors. Construction continued downward. The rooms were built nested and narrow. Some holes were created in the walls and ceilings to light the building. Underground secret passage ways, bathrooms, bazaars, and mosques were built and this part was called Sharestan which means where housed ordinary people. We can see nothing of this part; however, archaeologists believe that there is a lot to be discovered about Narin Castle . 

Meybod Narin Castle

Age of Narin Qaleh

Different styles of building, remaining materials, different size of the bricks reveal that Narin Castle traces back to Medians which has been changed and expanded in Sassanid era.
It was again put into operation in Muzaffarid period and was fallen by Timor Attack. Later, it could not survive any longer.

Meybod Narin Castle

Narin Castle's Trace in Historical Documents

It is said that Ferdowsi, the great poet and author of Shahnameh meant Narin Castle by Dezh-e Sepid (White Fortress). 
Narin Castle was registered in Iran National Monuments on July 30, 1975 with registration No. 1086.

Meybod Narin Castle

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