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Dahome farvardin St., Yazd
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Dad Hotel, a luxury hotel with traditional architecture, is located in the heart of the historical context of the ancient city of Yazd. The building of this traditional hotel dates back to 1928. Make your journey permanent and memorable by staying in this mansion that has preserved the magnificence of Iranian architecture.
Dad Hotel is one of the best hotels in Yazd and holds award of Studiosus 2009 ceremony in Germany.
The long-standing friendship of the clay and the bricks along with arches, vaults, light-wells, lattice windows in each corner of the building, as well as a beautiful garden in the center of courtyard, give special effects and beauty to the hotel's architecture. The 4-star Dad Hotel is built in 3 floors and has 88 bedrooms, while maintaining its traditional design and structure, it is fully equipped with modern amenities. 
You can sit on the beautiful rooftop of the luxurious Dad Hotel and experience the joy of watching the beauties of the desert city of Yazd, while enjoying the tasteful drinks of the hotel coffee shop, or reading a book of your interest. Also, do not miss looking at the clear starry sky of in desert cities.  
The trained and skilled staff of the hotel as well as the excellent facilities and unique services provided in the hotel including; various halls and multi-purpose salons, a restaurant with a variety of traditional and European cuisine, an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a massage salon and even an exchange department receive you warmly and prepare the situation and accommodation for you to enjoy and get rid of traveling tiredness. 

Dad Hotel is close to historic sites and tourist attractions in Yazd such as Ateshkade, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Markar Complex, Kuwaiti Shopping Mall, Setareh Mall, and etc. Also, if you are travelling to Yazd for medical purposes, Dad Hotel can be considered a suitable place for stay as it is so close to medical centers and hospitals. 
If you are looking for a luxury and traditional hotel in the historic city of Yazd, we do recommend you Dad Hotel. To book a room in Dad Hotel, please contact Raadina Support. While staying in Yazd, you can use Raadina Sightseeing tours and Raadina high quality desert tours.

Nearby attractions to Dad Hotel
Jame Mosque of Yazd (Masjed-e Jameh) :
8 Min 27 Min
Ateshkade (Fire Temple) :
9 Min 41 Min
Dolat Abad Garden ( Bagh-e Dolat Abad ) :
5 Min 16 Min
Amir Chakhmaq Complex :
5 Min 13 Min
Alexander's Prison :
10 Min 35 Min
Dakhmeh -ye Zartoshtiyun ( Tower of Silence ) :
20 Min 119 Min
Water Museum :
4 Min 15 Min
Mirror & Lighting Museum :
10 Min 47 Min
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Facilities of Dad Hotel
Porter servicesBathroom with showerHeating & cooling system

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Inner Double Room

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Garden Twin Room

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2,143,200 IRR
Garden Double Room

2,143,200 IRR
2,143,200 IRR
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1,943,568 IRR
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