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7 km Bahabad, Yazd
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The Deh Arous Hostel is a collection of 10 underground houses located in a small village. This residence is very old. Its antiquity dates back even before the discovery of adobe and bricks, which is extremely spectacular and memorable. These historic houses had disappeared under desert soils for many years, but have recently been discovered and unveiled by a creative farmer.
The Deh Arous collection in Bahabad, contains a dried Qanat, agricultural fields, fish farming pool, and several wild trees. It is one of the few historical monuments in Bahabad that has renovated and is active and habitable.
Going into these underground houses, which have a short ceiling with maze-like tangled corridors seems that you enter a time tunnel which returns to one thousand years ago, the same lifestyle. You will have an amazing experience that is incomprehensible to touch.  
Four of the houses in Deh Arous Hostel have a bedroom with a capacity of 9 people, but 6 more houses are without rooms and can host 5 to 8 people. The whole hostel has the total capacity of 50 people. All of these houses are flat and without beds, and the light is provided by traditional lights so it is not so bright and shiny. 
There are six toilets and a bathroom in the complex which are shared and public and apart from the houses.
A traditional restaurant serving three meals, a hot and cold buffet, local breakfast, parking, a local music band with a singer, a coffee shop, a kerosene heating system, and etc. include some of the amenities of Deh Arous Hostel. Deh Arous Eco lodge in Bahabad is close to the historical sites and tourist attractions of Bahabad, including the Museum of Anthropology, the Stone House (Al-e Taha House), and etc.
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