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40th Alley, Fahadan neighborhood, Imam Khomieni St, Yazd
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Traditional Kohan Hotel which is usually called Kohan Kashaneh Hotel is with an old architectural style is located in the heart of historic neighborhood of Fahadan in Yazd. This house used to be Mr.Taslim’s personal house. He turned the house into a traditional hotel and restored the house and opened it in 2004.
The 2-star Kohan Hotel in Yazd, in fact, consists of two parts. This division comes from the old time when the main and bigger part of the house was allocated for the owner and his family, and the smaller courtyard was given to the staff and the crew; however, both courtyards are now equipped with full facilities belonging for the guests.
Traditional Kohan Hotel is made of adobes and mudbricks. Its prominent attractions include the Payab of the Qanat and the rooftop overlooking the badgirs of the old city of Yazd. The large courtyard which is in the middle of the hotel, has a special effect on the hotel environment. It reminds the old days and memories of the past. The flower trees in this courtyards are very beautiful and in spring they are full of pink flowers which attracts not only tourists; but also many local visitors.
The traditional Kohan Hotel has in total 16 rooms and 45 beds, all rooms are equipped with a toilet, bathroom, a TV, and a refrigerator.
The traditional Kohan hotel has excellent facilities such as a restaurant with different cuisines, a lobby, a taxi service, a Turkish bath, and a parking lot.
Just near the Kohan Hotel, there are historic places and tourist attractions such as Khan-e Lari House, Alexander's Prison, Tomb of the 12 Imams , the Heydarzadeh Museum of Coin and Anthropology, Masjed-e Jameh, etc. which is a good advantage of the hotel. If you travel to Yazd for medical purposes, Traditional Kohan Hotel can be a good choice as it is near medical centers and hospitals in Yazd.
To book a room in Traditional Kohan Hotel, please contact Raadina Support.
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Nearby attractions to Traditional Kohan Hotel
Jame Mosque of Yazd (Masjed-e Jameh) :
2 Min 5 Min
Ateshkade (Fire Temple) :
11 Min 41 Min
Dolat Abad Garden ( Bagh-e Dolat Abad ) :
5 Min 15 Min
Amir Chakhmaq Complex :
5 Min 17 Min
Alexander's Prison :
5 Min 8 Min
Dakhmeh -ye Zartoshtiyun ( Tower of Silence ) :
26 Min 147 Min
Water Museum :
4 Min 16 Min
Mirror & Lighting Museum :
14 Min 75 Min
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Facilities of Traditional Kohan Hotel
FridgeTVRestaurantToiletTurkish ToiletCoffee ShopWifi in roomLobbyWifi in lobbyPrayer's roomTea houseGreeneryATM machineBreakfastBathroom with showerHeating & cooling system

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