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Masjed Jame St., Imam Khomieni St., Yazd
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The building of Termeh Hotel was an old one dating back to Qajar era but the owner renovated it and changed it to a traditional hotel in 2013.
The 2-star Termeh Hotel is located in the heart of the historic town of Yazd. Passing through the alleyways, corridors and mudbrick arches and vaults, you can reach Termeh Hotel which is an old house with old and large wooden doors leading you to a small traditional room and a hallway which leads to the courtyard.
The charming courtyard of the traditional Termeh Hotel with its old wooden, colorful rugs and carpeted couches with red and blue cushions, is a lovely place for sitting and drinking traditional tea or coffee. There are also some small and large pottery vases of flowers which add to the beauty and approval of the hotel.
In the middle of the courtyard, there are some table and chairs which has created a great space for unforgettable gatherings. Abundant flags of many different countries are also arranged in the upper niches this magnificent hall. Presence of these flags has the message of peace and friendship of our beautiful country, Iran, for other countries of the world.
The coffee shop of the Termeh Hotel is located on the roof, covered with golden leaves and palm leaves. Old carpets and large couches with patterned pillows recreate and revive the atmosphere of living in a desert region.
Termeh Hotel has 35 rooms, 10 of which are 2 or 3 door rooms decorated with red and blue termehs (a high quality fabric from Yazd) coverings. The color of the beds in the rooms are exactly in harmony with the cushions in the hotel's courtyard, so the name Termeh which is chosen for the hotel was taken from it. The facilities provided in Termeh Traditional Hotel include Internet access, bathrooms, Western-style toilet, TV, refrigerator, room service, a laundry, and a breakfast room.
A billiard table and a telescope for star observation are unique features in Termeh Hotel.
There are some historical places and tourist attractions close to Termeh Hotel such as Sayyed Roknadin, Masjed-e Jameh, Tomb of 12 Imams, Hazireh Mosque, and Yazd traditional bazaars.
Also, if you travel to Yazd for medical services; traditional Termeh Hotel, which is located near SayedoShohada Hospital and Sina Clinic, is a good option.
Termeh Hotel is a traditional hotel with modern and updated facilities.
To book a room in Termeh Hotel, please contact Raadina Support.
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Facilities of Termeh Hotel
FridgeTVToiletWifi in roomLobbyWifi in lobbyPrayer's roomTea houseRoom serviceLaundryBreakfastBathroom with showerHeating & cooling system

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