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Yazd Sightseeing and Desert Touring

Date : 21 Mar 2018 Home  »  Blog  »  Gotoyazd Trip  »  Yazd Sightseeing and Desert Touring
Yazd Sightseeing and Desert Touring Yazd Sightseeing and Desert Touring

The more you travel, the sager you get.
Now Yazd, as a world heritage city, is quint essentially the city of badgirs, very old, and historic monuments; nevertheless, desert experience in Yazd is simply fantastic. When you came to Yazd, one of the things that you should experience rather than shopping, dining, and visiting monuments is desert touring including camel rides, motorbike rides and safari rides. Yazd’s deserts present you an opportunity to have a close contact with endless stretches of bronze sands.

Sightseeing Tours

Yazd nature tour is one of the best tours planned by Raadina Travel Company, which will take you a to the Zoroastrian village of Cham, Cham Tower of Silence, two-thousand-years old Cham Fire Temple, Sadri Garden, Anthropology Museum of Taft, Taft Water Mill, Eram Recreational Garden, Eagle Mountain and also visit the village of Eslamiyeh the coolness of which in the heart of the desert will give you lots of energy and strengths.
Abarkuh tours are other rather long-distance tours in Yazd province. In this tour, you can enjoy watching a four-thousand-year-old cypress which is really a well-kept and long-lived tree as well as historic monuments such as Aghazadeh Mansion, Gonbad-e Aali, Abarkuh Yakhchal, and etc.
Mehriz, Zein-o Din and Saryazd sightseeing Tour will take you to visit Yazd's history and originality. Visiting Saryazd Historical Village, its historic Citadel, Gate of Farafar, Saryazd Caravanserai, Gazelle Garden, Pahlavanpur Garden, Mehrpadin Castle and the Zein o Din Caravanserai in Mehriz, you can see and feel the true history, oldness, and origin of Yazd Province. These places display the signs of formation and primitive form of Yazd as well as the magnificent and glorious history of Yazd Province. 
Ardakan and Aqda Tour is another sightseeing tour held by Raadina Travel Co. around the Yazd Province. In this tour you can visit and learn about traditional houses such as Taghdiri House, Ardakan Qanat Complex, Ardakan Charsooq Bazaar, Majd Al-olama Darband, Ardeh or Tahini Workshops, Historic Village of Aqda, Aqda Gate and Pars Banoo Shrine. 

Desert Tours

Raadina Travel Agency execute desert tours in addition to nature and history tours. The desert tour includes visiting Chak Chak Zoroastrian Temple, Meybod Old city and desert camping tour. In this itinerary, visitors will visit the desert camp, Narin Castle, Pigeon Tower, Adobe Yakhchal, Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, Kolar Ab Anbar, and Chak Chak Shrine. In desert tour, you usually can experience trekking in sand dunes, camel riding, motorbike ridings and safari rides all on sand dunes. Moreover, spending a night in quite deserts can provide a unique peace that may not be experienced anywhere else in this rushing world. Sit around the fire, have a cup of hot eat, eat a grilled potato and be amazed observing the starry sky just above your head.
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