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A Travel Guide to Meybod

Date : 21 Jun 2018 Home  »  Blog  »  Gotoyazd Trip  »  A Travel Guide to Meybod
A Travel Guide to Meybod A Travel Guide to Meybod

Meybod is an examples of ancient Iranian cities

Meybod is the city of history and art, the city of colorful tiles and a city of spectacular handicrafts. Artists from Meybod have created gorgeous clays and potteries for ages in a way that is has been world famous in terms of material and design. Moreover, people in Meybod have established many tile and ceramic companies exporting these products around the country, as well as other countries. Now, Meybod is considered the second largest city in Yazd province. 
The word "Meybod" has been changed from "Mahbod" (the commander of the Sassanid era) who conquered the city and built the foundation and the base of Meybod city. Old city and Historical heritage sites in Meybod are so great that the UNESCO is studying them to register them as world heritage sites.
This beautiful city lies in the heart of the desert. It is more than one thousand years old and full of historical and natural attractions. To travel to Meybod, it is wise to learn about the sights and accommodations in this historic cities to enjoy visiting the city as much as possible. 

Meybod is an examples of ancient Iranian cities

How to get to Meybod?

Airplane: Meybod doesn’t have any airport. But if you want to fly to Meybod, the nearest city to fly to is Yazd, from where you can take a taxi to Meybod (it is about 60 kilometers).

Train: Meybod has a good rail transportation system. You can travel from the most cities of Iran to Meybod by train. 
The bus: In Tehran, there are buses going to Meybod in the west terminal. You can get out of these buses at Meybod terminal in Moddares Blvd.
Cars: It is about 56 kilometers from Yazd to Meybod. If you travel by car, it takes only one hour or less. 

?How to get to Meybod

Where to Stay in Meybod?

Travelers who like to see the beautiful attractions of Meybod, often prefer to stay in Yazd and then travel to Meybod, visit the site and return to Yazd. But some who plan to visit all the spectacular sites fully and in great details can stay in Meybod. Although it does not have many luxury hotels, it has a lot of well-established hostels and guest houses that are remarkable and memorable. Additionally, in high seasons when almost all accommodations in Yazd city are full, accommodations in Meybod are good choices as Meybod is not much far from Yazd compared to other cities.
Some of these traditional hotels and hostels include the Golshan Traditional Hotel, Hajmalek Hotel, Attar Hostel, Vesta Guest house, etc. For more information about hotels and hotel reservation in Meybod, click here

?Where to Stay in Meybod

Where to Eat in Meybod?

There are some good restaurants in Meybod such as Gandom Restaurant, Baran Restaurant, Chelcheraq Fast Food Restaurant, Olive Restaurant, Haj Malek Traditional Restaurant, and many other. 
In these restaurants, you can taste and eat almost every kind of soup and broth like Shooli, turnip soup, cabbage soup, Sambusak soup, lentil soup, pumpkin broth, plum broth, vegetable soup and other traditional cuisines.

Where to Eat in Meybod?

What to visit in Meybod?

Tourist attractions in Meybod mainly include historic places. The most prominent historic site of Meybod is Narin Castle or remained from the Sassanid era and represents the history of the city. Pigeon tower, Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, the old Yakhchal, Chaparkhaneh (pony express), and Kolar Ab Anbar which are close to each other, are considered as other magnificent historic monuments of Meybod.

?What to visit in Meybod

Meybod Bazaar

Meybod is a city of tile and pottery, and the artists of Meybod created and made unique traditional dishes in Iranian colorful designs that are displayed and sold on pottery markets of not only Meybod; but also, other cities and even other countries. Meybod. The pottery made in Meybod usually are in white background with green and blue paintings; these colors are visible throughout all the Iranian architecture and somehow represent the history of this ancient country. These pottery dishes including pots and vases, are considered as the best souvenirs of Meybod. The pretty colorful and beautiful paintings of these pottery are popular by locals as well as tourists from all over the world. Normally, tourists do not leave Meybod empty-handed. Zilu and Karbafi are other among handicrafts and souvenirs of Meybod. To visit the old city of Meybod completely, you can book attend Meybod - Chak Chak Tour and walk toward the history. 

Meybod Bazaar


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