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A Journey to Mehriz

Date : 26 Jun 2018 Home  »  Blog  »  Gotoyazd Trip  »  A Journey to Mehriz
A Journey to Mehriz A Journey to Mehriz

Mehriz, Town of History and Nature

Mehriz is one of the largest historic towns in Yazd Province which was known as Mehrijerd in the past attributing to Mehrijerd, the daughter of Anushiruwan Sassanid.
Mahriz is a well-developed town with many green villages such as Khormiz, Mehrpadin, Mirokabad, Bidok, Saryazd, etc. It is located 45 km to Yazd and most of its people do agriculture, animal husbandry, building materials, construction and etc.

A Journey to Mehriz

All You Need to Know for Traveling to Mehriz

How to Travel to Mehriz?

Mehriz has no airports and railways, but it is an important point in road trips and land transport. The city has paved roads and highways to Bafq, Anar, Taft, Marvast, and Yazd. If you are travelling via railways and airports, you can get to Yazd and then reach Mehriz through a 20-minute road trip from Yazd which can be accessed by car services provided in different ways.

A Journey to Mehriz

The Weather in Mehriz

Mehriz includes two mountainous and plain parts. It has a semi-arid climate in the mountainous part and it is dry and desert in the plain part. Mehriz has two dry and semi-arid regions. Its northeastern and southern parts including Bahadoran Plain are arid and it is semi-arid in the dry areas of northwestern part.

A Journey to Mehriz

Where to Stay in Mehriz?

If you are to stay a night in Mehriz, you can choose a modern hotel named Setare Shahr, traditional hotels such as Pahlavanpour Garden Hotel, Zein-O Din Caravanserai (the only round-shape caravansary in Iran), Shah Abbasi, as well as ecolodges such as Saray-e Mehrgardi Hostel, and Jahangard Hostel where you can experience the old world and its lifestyle and atmosphere. 
For more information and to book a hotel in Mehriz, click here

A Journey to Mehriz

Touristic Attractions and Historic Monuments in Mehriz

Historical town of Mehriz is one of the most attractive and most visited cities in Yazd Province. It attracts many foreign and domestic tourists every year due to its spectacular historical and natural attractions.
This town has one of the largest and oldest safe-deposit boxes in Iran and the world which was built at Sassanid period in order to store and save food, gold, jewelry, money and etc.
The most important attractions in Mehriz include 900-year-old jame Mosque, Pahlavanpour Garden, Mehrpadin Complex, Kohrig, Hassanabad Moshir Qanat, Fountain and Gharbalbiz Spring, Manshad Village, Saryazd Village, Zein-o Din Caravanserai, and Khormiz Castle. To learn more about the sights and attractions in Mehriz, click here.
It must be mentioned that Pahlavanpour Garden is registered as one of nine Persian gardens in UNESCO. So do not miss visiting this world heritage site.

A Journey to Mehriz

Historical Houses in Mehriz

Historic Houses in Mehriz such as Abuyi Mehrizi’s House, Dr. Malekzadeh’s House are unique in their different structures. The climate of each region has always played a very influential role in the construction of houses in that area. To take this point into consideration, houses in Mehriz were built against the direct light of the sun and with high walls.
The four-corner courtyard and iwan, along with the special rooms on each side, are two or three steps lower than the street surface to provide coolness in the summer and warmness in winter. This is because of the beauty and delicacy of architecture in Yazd as well as the skill and potential that architects in this province benefited and nowadays the architecture and designs are in direct attention, too. 

A Journey to Mehriz

Mehriz Food and Souvenirs 

Mehriz like other cities in Yazd has its own special traditional dishes and broths, soups that are the relics of the past. Ash-e Gandom (wheat soup), Ash-e Anar (pomegranate soup), and many other soups. Some other local foods in Mehriz include Khoresht Beh Aloo, different kinds of kofteh, etc. 

A Journey to Mehriz

Souvenirs and handicrafts of Mehriz can also refer to the industry of weaving, embroidery, carpet weaving and knitting, which are favored by local and international tourists and travelers who visit the town or the province.
To enjoy the experience of visiting historical and natural attractions of Mehriz, you can book a sightseeing tour to Mehriz and its neighboring villages and attractions.

A Journey to Mehriz


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