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Shooli Yazdi

Date : 29 Nov 2018 Home  »  Blog  »  Gotoyazd Trip  »  Shooli Yazdi
Shooli Yazdi Shooli Yazdi

Ash shooli or Shooli is a kind of soup local in Yazd. It is the most famous and popular soup among locals of Yazd. You can hardly find a local who doesn’t like shooli. However, it is not popular among the locals, but also most of the visitors to Yazd who have tasted this delicious soup. 
Shooli comes in different flavors depending on the ingredients and/or seasonings. 

Shooli Yazdi

Ingredients of Shooli

The main ingredients of shooli include vegetable (dill and spinach), beetroot or turnip, lentil, flour.
The shooli made of beetroot is usually served in spring and summer and it is called shooli choqondar and the one made of turnip is mostly cooked in fall and winter and it is called shooli shalqam.

Shooli Yazdi

Seasonings of Shooli

Shooli is normally flavored by sour seasonings such as vinegar which is considered the main seasoning. However, it can be replaced by other seasonings such as pomegranate sauce, Black Kashk (Qarehqurut), etc.
Shooli is mostly served at gatherings, especially family gatherings as supper in Yazd.

Shooli Yazdi

Where to Have Shooli

Recently, some stores selling different flavors of shooli have be launched in Yazd and all the visitors can taste this yummy local soup. For more information of these shooli stores, click here.

Shooli Yazdi

Do not miss having a bowl shooli when traveling to Yazd, because you can’t have it in any other city in Iran.



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