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How to Access Internet in Iran

Date : 27 Dec 2018 Home  »  Blog  »  Gotoyazd Trip  »  How to Access Internet in Iran
How to Access Internet in Iran How to Access Internet in Iran

Actually, it is said that the internet acts like a road with the same importance for connection and this sentence conveys that internet is a necessary tool in the modern world. If you are planning to travel to Iran, it is important to know that how you can access the internet there. It is not difficult to access the internet in Iran, many places have open Wi-Fi even more you can buy an Iranian SIM Card and use its internet. However, there are open Wi-Fi in many public places and nearly all the hotels and accommodations, the internet speed is not as fast as that in the developed countries. In other words, the connection speed is low and you may be more patient with its speed. The Internet in Iran even in comparison to the neighboring countries like Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia is slower but it is much faster than that in others like Pakistan. So if you wish to use the internet while you are in Iran, you should notice some tips. Followings are the tips you should regard:

In the major cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd, the quality and speed of the internet is much better than that in smaller towns. Some websites, especially those producing the contents in contrary to the Iran policies in terms of Islamic concepts, political and cultural issues are banned and blocked in Iran and if you wish to use them, you need to use a VPN

How to Access Internet in Iran

A List of Blocked Platforms in Iran

Briefly, some of these communicative restrictions include:

As you know, due to some sanctions against Iran by the US and European countries, there are some restrictions to Iranian IPs to access some services for example lonlyplanet or tripadvisor websites. But it does not mean that you cannot communicate with your family and friends. In order to access these services, all you need is a VPN. It’s not a mysterious or unusual matter and Iranians use it easily and you can get advice from them specially the youth ones. Plenty of VPNs are available in app stores, some of them freely. Simply, google “VPN”.

A list of blocked platforms in Iran

Click on The Following Links To Download A VPN:

For Android, use Google Play

For iOS, use App Store

For windows on PC, use Microsoft Store.  

For MacBook, use Mac App Store

How to Access Internet in Iran

How Can We Use Mobile Phone Services in The Cheapest Way in Iran? 

There are some mobile phone operators who offer SIM Cards with internet. The point is that the internet provided by SIM Cards are normally faster that Wi-Fi internet.

Local SIM Cards in Iran; Visitor SIM or Tourist SIM Cards

The mobile phone operators in Iran render Visitor SIM or Tourist SIM Cards, a kind of prepaid SIM Card for those traveling to Iran providing domestic and International calls, sending SMS and emails, looking for addresses, surfing the internet, and connect to social media with the fastest 4.5G internet of Iran. So, there is no need to the International SIM Card. You can easily buy a Tourist SIM Card as soon as you arrive at Imam Khomeini International Airport just by showing your passport. The instructions for using it, is attached to it. 

Local SIM Cards in Iran


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