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Why Iran?

Date : 14 Jan 2019 Home  »  Blog  »  Gotoyazd Trip  »  Why Iran?
Why Iran? Why Iran?

To speak about the reasons to travel to Iran, first it is necessary to answer the question ‘why should we travel?’. The answers would be different but people mostly travel to extend their knowledge about other cultures and enrich their world, prove their life experiences and also learn about themselves, meet new people and make to understand that people are more alike than being different, they travel to gain and increase the abilities like time management, money management, etc. 
Iran is an old country with the history going back to more than 2,500 years ago, to Cyrus the Great founded the biggest empire in the world ever, and centuries before that, the Elamite Empire. Iranian people are famous for their warm behavor and hospitality, but it is not how it is presented in western media. Unfortunately, it is shown in western media a country with strictly-religious people as well as terrorismin a way that this has made people a bit skeptical fearing to travel to Iran. Actually, the world is unaware about how awesome it is. We tried to render a clear and true picture of Iran and this is you who decide whether travel to Iran or not. 
Here are some reasons to travel to Iran and get to know its people and their beliefs and customs, history of the country and many more.

Why Iran

History of Iran

Iran is considered the house of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The Aryans were people who migrated to the Iranian plateau and formed one of the largest and oldest civilizations in the world. There are still the ruins and of course firm monuments dating back to ancient times such as the ancient ceremonial capital of Persepolis and Pasargadae in Shiraz, Chogha Zanbil, which is much older than Persepolis dating back to the ancient Elamite Empire in the ancient city of Susa, Sassanid Bishapur in current city of Kazerun, Bisotun in Kermanshah, Shahr-e Sukhteh in Zabol, Arg e Bam in the city of Bam, Historical Hydraulic System in Shushtar City, Takht-e Soleymān or Azar Goshnasp in Takab, Hegmataneh (Ecbatana) in Hamedan and so many other monuments in Iran that shows the majesty of the history of the ancient country which was previously known as Great Persia. Writing about the history of Iran is limitless and can be covered only by visiting the country and touching its history through its historical monuments with their specific type of architecture.

Why Iran

Persian Architecture

Iran owns a rich history and thus is full of historical wonders, to be exact it has twenty-three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So, this makes it one of the spectacular destinations in terms of cultural and historical tourisms in a way that every year many tourists visit the country to touch the history. It is not only travelers but also the historians who are interested to know more about ancient civilizations as well as the history of Iran that visit the country as closely as possible to feel themselves in the ancient times and the other different eras by walking through the left monuments. These monuments have specific Persian architecture. The interesting point is that although Persian architecture is unique, it has varied in different idea and according to the climatic variations of different regions. Therefore, when visiting different historical monuments in Iran, you can feel and experience these differences. 
To read abort the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran, click on the link to read the article.

Why Iran

The Hospitality in Iran

Ask the tourists traveling or having travel to Iran that “What was the most hospitable country you have ever traveled?” and they mostly will say “Iran”. Iranians are known for their hospitality in a way that Lonely Planet calls Iran the most rewarding destination on the Earth in terms of hospitality. It is the very first thing that attracts the attentions of foreigners coming to Iran and it is regarded as a part of Iranian culture due to the common expression among them saying “A guest is a gift from God and s/he makes their lives better bringing blessing for the host”. It is completely normal that a totally stranger comes to you in the street greet you, welcomes you to the country and invites you for tea or a meal. This portrays how Iranian are hospitable. Moreover, they are the one of the friendliest and warmest people in the world. One of the most common English words is “welcome” in Iran as you can see it in most stores and business centers.

Why Iran

Iran Is Safe

The more security, the more tourists i.e. safety and tourism are in a bilateral relation. There are some conflicted opinions about Iran especially in terms of security and safety. It is one of the main concerns and the most frequently asked questions of those intend to travel to Iran or have travelled to Iran, and the answer: of course it is safe. Iran is safe due to the reasons mentioned below: first of all, the Iranian culture; they regard tourists and foreign travelers as guests. As mentioned above, the guests are so important in Persian culture that all thing they receive is respect. As the second reason, Iranians are faithful people and according to their religious beliefs, it is not an acceptable to bother others. It does not mean that no crime never ever occurs in Iran. No! it occurs but very rare to the tourists like any other country. there is Tourism Police in Iran and even you can find a Tourism Police Office near popular attractions in big cities like Isfahan and Shiraz. Referring to the experiences of other tourists who have already visited Iran, we can claim that Iran is one of the safest countries for tourists, regardless their nationality, age, gender or race whether traveling individually or in a group, in contrary to what appears in the media. A recent survey in late 2018 has shown that Iran is as safe as the USA and Canada.

Why Iran

Iranian Cuisines

Generally speaking, food plays an important role in choosing the destinations for tourists. Food and eating habits are the most important aspects of culture. Today, food tourism is considered as a new branch of tourism slowly but strongly. Food tourism concerns eating, drinking and the process of food production in countries and special areas. Owing to the various climates and weather conditions and of course different folks, Iran enjoys a wide range of cuisines; however, spices and seasonings are commonly used almost in all Iranian dishes. Needless to explain that Iran is the largest producer saffron in the world, and it is considered a main spice in Iranian dishes.
Click to read about Iranian Cuisines in details.  

Why Iran?

Is It Expensive to Travel to Iran?

Due to the sudden fall in the value of Iranian currency, Iran is considered as one of the cheapest countries to visit. Costs for accommodation, transportation and food are low. As an example traveling from Tehran to Isfahan and seeing the sights on the way can cost around only $100 or even less. A meal in an expensive restaurant in Tehran can cost around $30 to $50. 

To read about costs of traveling to Iran in details, click on the link.

Why Iran

Iran Is Easy to Access

The unique geographical location of Iran makes it easy to access the country. Being located between the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf, it provides cruises for travelers to go there. Also the vast geographical expanse of the country and having long land borders with several neighbor countries allow travelers take a trip to Iran by crossing the borders. However, tourists can travel to Iran by air as Iran has international airports in big cities such as Tehran, Tabriz, Mashhad, Esfahan, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Kish and Qeshm islands connecting Iran to different parts of the world. 

Why Iran

Persian Handicrafts

Iran is an ancient country with a variety of ethnics in various regions and every ethnic group has its own cultural code and consequently handicrafts. Persian handicrafts are worldwide famous especially Persian carpets. It is interesting to know that Iranian carpets are not same in all regions. The Iranian carpets have different designs, colors and even different materials in different regions. Thus, it feels great to wander in traditional bazaars in various towns and cities and enjoy experience a wide range of not only Persian carpets, but also other Persian souvenirs such as different types of cloths, jewelry, Vitreous enamel, wood and metal engraving, etc.
To get to know Persian Handicrafts, refer to the article on Iranian Souvenirs.

Why Iran

Including all of these particular factors makes Iran a must-see travel destination.


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