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Women Travel to Iran

Date : 16 Jan 2019 Home  »  Blog  »  Gotoyazd Trip  »  Women Travel to Iran
Women Travel to Iran Women Travel to Iran

Nowadays, Iran is more tourist-friendly than before. Iran is safe and many travelers visit Iran safe and secure enjoying this great country. Although there are sanctions against Iran by the USA and there are plenty of negative advertisement trying to exaggerate the situation in Iran and showing almost fake face of the country. But it is just enough for you to step in the country to understand that all you have seen is too far away the truth and reality. Despite all these negative advertisements, thousands of tourists travel to Iran in groups or solo. A large number of these travelers include women who travel in ordinarily groups with men, or in women only groups, or even as solo. Female travelers safely go through the country experiencing the country. Like all societies, there are some especial conventions and norms in Iran for both men and women need to follow that we have demonstrated in the article Iran Culture. However, there are some norms special to women which sometimes might seem a bit difficult to follow at the first glance. However, apart respecting the traditions and rules, there is no special thing about women travelling in Iran. Here, we refer to these items. 

Women Travel to Iran

Women in Persian Culture

In spite of what the media presents, Iran is safe for everybody specially for women. Women have a high importance in Iranian culture. At the time of Elamites, one of the ancient civilizations in the world, the society was governed by women; a kind of Matriarchy. During the first Persian Empire, Achaemenid, women and men were equal and they had the same rights. According to the Iranian culture, there is also a special day called Sepandārmazgān or Esfandegan, an ancient Iranian festival with Zoroastrian roots dating back to the Achaemenid Empire to admire women, in which people express their love towards their mothers and wives. This respect to women is passed from generation to generation and becomes a part of Iranian culture. So if you travel to Iran as a woman, be sure that they mostly behave you respectfully and properly and try to support you.

Women Travel to Iran

Is Iran Safe for Female Travelers?

Iran is almost a safe country for tourists whether men or women. Women travel around the country freely whether in groups or solo facing almost no problem. However, there are some risks like any other place in the world that women should be careful about them. We briefly discuss them here.
Walking alone in uncrowded areas are not recommended. If you are interested in walking in uncrowded areas, it is wise enough to join a group or hire a tour guide to accompany you. Iranians are very hospitable and it is perfectly normal that a completely stranger comes to you in the street and invites you to her/his house for a tea or a meal. You can freely accept the invitations if you wish. However, if you are invited by a male, make sure you are not alone at home with him (something that can occur all over the world). The next issue that hardly ever happens is asking for sex. There have been very rare reports by female tourists that they have been asked for a sexual relation. But there is no need to worry. Answer with a strong NO or threaten them that you will call the police and you will see the problem is solved out; that is what few tourists have reported and fortunately there have not been any report on sexual abuse on travelers. Meanwhile, have the police no. in your mind in the case of the emergency; i.e. 110. Iranian police are too strict for this kind of issues and they will figure out the issue in the shortest time possible. 

Women Travel to Iran

Women’s Dress Code in Iran

As a Muslim country, it must be noticed that dressing code is the most important thing for women in Iran. According to Islamic laws, women must cover all their body but not their face, arms, and feet and it is what is followed in Iran. However, most youth female and modern generation do not follow these rules too strictly, but you have to cover your head and body. To learn about dressing code in Iran in details, click here

Social Codes for Women in Iran

Iran is a wide society with specific norms and codes which are both affected by the Persian society and Islamic laws. As an example, unlike most countries, it is not common for men and women to have physical contact such as touching, patting on the back, shaking hands, kissing etc. unless between those with a close family relationship like husbands and wives, fathers and daughters, brothers and sisters. However, in the case of shaking hands, some Iranians do not follow this norm, so as a woman, do not shake hands with men unless they stretch out their hand first. On the other hand, intimidating in public is not accepted and it is recommended to avoid that. Another example which is more Islamic than social is using public transportation. Some public transportation is Iran are divided gender-based. There are the divided sections for men and women traveling by intercity buses, subways and trains. 

Women Travel to Iran

Having Your Period in Iran

Menstruation is a regular natural change in female reproductive system every month and a woman it is wise to be prepared for it while traveling. As female traveler to Iran, you should be aware of the norms practiced in the country. The most important one is that Iranian women usually use sanitary pads available in a wide range with a low price in drugstores and pharmacies, as well as supermarkets, hypermarkets and even in groceries. But if you are used to tampons, menstrual cups, etc., you should know that they are rare and expensive in Iran and can be only found in pharmacies. Thus, it is recommended to have them with you from home. Public toilets can be found frequently in Iran but the point is that there are houses in them and they do not usually have toilet paper, so it is advisable to have enough toilet paper with you (toilet paper can be easily and widely bought from the first grocery’s or supermarket near you). 
The last but not the least point is that traveling to Iran is not as difficult as it is presented in the media. Travel to Iran safely and enjoy your each and every moment.

Women Travel to Iran

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