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City : Yazd
Address : Salman St., Amir Chakhmaq Sq., Yazd
Phone number : +98 35 36270336

Khane Dohad Restaurant is one of the historical restaurants with a traditional decoration which has created a pleasant atmosphere. Due to the high quality delicious food, this restaurant has become one of the favored restaurants in Yazd in which you can enjoy your meal in a desirable and tranquil traditional area.
Wandering around in the Qajar and Safavid courtyards of Khane Dohad Restaurant not only evokes the historical past memories in the minds of any viewer but also provides you a unique nostalgic feeling with traditional Shouli (Yazdi soup) and a breakfast meal in its historic breakfast hall. In Khane Dohad Restaurant, you can enjoy Iranian cuisine with a special unforgettable taste for lunh and dinner.
If you wish to travel to Yazd, you can choose Khane Dohad Traditional Hotel located next to its restaurant. Do not also miss visiting the Amir Chakhmaq Complex and Markar Complex.

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