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Khan Garden of Yazd

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City : Yazd
Address : Taft Road, Yazd
Visiting Hours : 8:00 - 23:00
Visiting days : Every day

Age of Khan Garden of Yazd

“ Khan Garden of Yazd  ” or “ Naserie Garden ” is one of  the historical and ancient gardens of Yazd which was built around the 1850s (13th century AH) under the command of "Mohammad Khan Vali", the governor of Yazd (during Qajar period).

Khan Garden of Yazd

Architecture of Khan Garden

Khan Garden of Yazd , with an area of over 15 thousand square meters, similar to other Persian gardens includes a main mansion known as Khanneshin (chamber of Khan).

This beautiful mansion was regarded as Khan's resort which in addition to being in 3 floors has gorgeous symmetrical rooms, a large hall with a broad and long roof on the first floor having doubled attractiveness of the mansion. It goes without saying that Master Karim built the roof of this strange room in just one day.

 In the past, the water of 12 qanats passed through this garden, and the passage of water in the garden led to the flowering of fruit trees, including pomegranates, apricots, almonds, blackberries, and planes.

Khan Garden of Yazd

Use of Khan Garden of Yazd

Since Khan Garden of Yazd was the second stop of the caravans going to Shiraz from Yazd, this garden had two usages. Privately, it was used for the main residents of the garden and publicly, it was provided for the passengers. The covered passages, coffee shops, shops and rooms around ab anbar ( water reservoir ) were considered for public use and the palace, the crew`s houses, the ab anbar, the pools, the warehouses and stables were considered for private usage.

It is interesting to know that Khan Garden of Yazd was damaged a lot during the reign of Zaigham al-Dawla Qashqai and the decorations in this building were created by Fatollah Moshir Al-Mamalek Khan Mostofi. During the 8-year imposed war , the garden was used for military training. Then it was rebuilt in 2007 with the credit of 150 million Rials and now it is used to hold wedding parties of young couples under the name of Boostan Velayat owned by one of the military institutions.

Khan Garden of Yazd was registered in Iran National Monuments in 2001 with registration No. 3806.

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