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Taft Sadri Garden

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City : Taft
Address : Golabdan Neighborhood, Imam Khomieni St, Taft, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting Hours : 8:00 - 24:00
Visiting days : Every day
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : 50000 IRR

Let's visit one of the beautiful and large gardens in Taft, Sadri Garden or Namir's Garden , which was built with an area of 13,000 m2 by the order of Sadr al-Olama ,one of Zandi ruler.

Taft Sadri Garden

Sadri Garden or Namir's Garden ?

Locals call this garden Namir Tafti Garden since Arbab Namir Tafti once lived here. He was a famous Zoroastrian and also a well-known traditional orthopedist in Yazd. 

The loftiest badgir of Taft in Sadri Garden

We pass the entrance lane of Sadri Garden and entre the garden. The first building that we see is the summer house of the garden. The building includes a large hall of 10 ×12 m which is decorated with mihrabi arcades. 
Interestingly, the loftiest badgir ( wind tower ) of Taft is the badgir in this garden. This two - floor badgir acted as air conditioner. 
The height of the main building of the monument considering badgir is 22.5 m and is featured by a hall with an entrance of 12.5 m. 

Taft Sadri Garden

Namir's Garden , an example of Persian Gardens

Just in front of the building, we can see a large stone pool with an area of 500 m2 which is decorated with 95 fountains. It's interesting to know that these fountains work with the water coming from mountains without using any electric powers or pumps. 
Now the hall and surrounding rooms are used as a restaurant. Passing along the pool, we will get to the winter house of the monument. In the winter house, there is a water mill which was once used to supply the needed flour of the family.

Taft Sadri Garden

A story about Sadri Garden

Let's read the story of the monument. Arbab Namir's family was not rich and his father gardened Sadri Garden which belonged to Sadr al- Olama, ruler of Taft. Arbab Namir had worked in Mumbai and saved some money, so he returned to Taft and bought this garden which cost IR 50,000 at that time. Then he married a girl from Taft and they had 11 children. Six of their children died when they were little. The family lived in a house in Golabdan neighborhood and when Arbab Namir's only daughter, Khorshid Banoo, died, they moved to Sadri Garden repairing and rebuilding the garden.

Taft Sadri Garden
Over IR 5 billion was spent on rebuilding Sadri Garden in five years to be converted into this current restaurant.

Taft Sadri Garden was registered in the list of Iran National Monuments in 2000 with registration No. 2898.

For more information about Taft Sadri Garden, please contact Raadina Online Support.

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