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Ali Naqi Khan Garden of Taft

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City : Taft
Address : Behnoor Alley, Saheli St., Taft, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting days : No visit

Let`s visit another large garden of Taft, Ali Naqi Khan Garden, which was built in the Qajar period.

Sightseeing in Ali Naqi Khan Garden , A Qajari Garden

Ali Naqi Khan Garden of Taft is located in Saheli Street, Dehno District of Taft .
Before entering Ali Naqi Khan Garden, it is better to divide its scheme into four sections: the vestibule space (including a vestibule, a stable, a barn, a bathroom, a pantry, remains of the fort, and several rooms), the palace, the Payab ( water passage way ), and the kitchen.
Let’s visit the first section on the northern front, that is the vestibule space and the building connected to it. We pass through the vestibule which floor is covered with pebbles and then through a stable and a barn. We wait a little bit at the pantry. Once upon a time, the mourners of Imam Hussein (AS) were served a beverage here. The traditional small bathroom is another part of this space. The bathroom with a narrow aisle, has connected the other areas like the dressing room, the small space of bathtub, and the bath to each other. 
It is interesting to note that in this part, there is a structure with a rectangular plan which regarding the bath and its location near the entrance of the garden and its architectural style, it is likely that it had a protective usage for the garden and was used as a garret in the old days. 
A sixty- square meter kitchen on a corner of this garden was used for baking and possibly playing of the naughty children of the Ali Naqi Khan Garden in the past.
It is good to know that the payab ( water passage way ) of the complex has been refurbished in previous years, and now the qanat passes through it.

Ali Naqi Khan Garden of Taft

Architecture and Decorations of Ali Naqi Khan Garden

One of the prominent arts of the architecture used in this building is the pond located in the middle of the palace. With the overflow of the pond, the water pours into the streams on the four sides of the pond and goes underneath the room to the garden , and so it has created such a cool atmosphere for the dwellers in hot and dry weather. 
Other spectacular parts of this large garden are the 400-square meter palace, built on two floors with bricks, marble, wood, plaster, clay, and mud. It is interesting to note that the mentioned palace has perspective in every four sides onto the garden . 
The beautiful decorations that we can see in Ali Naqi Khan Garden are presence of decorative plaster fenders, shelves, a pavilion in the middle space of the palace, arches in the walls around the palace, plastering and so on.

Ali Naqi Khan Garden of Taft

Ali Naqi Khan Garden was registered in Iran National Monuments on March 2, 2005 with registration No. 12344. 
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