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Abe Hayat Faloodeh

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City : Yazd
Address : Jomhouri Blvd., Yazd

Faloodeh is a cold Persian dessert that contains thin noodles of starch soaked in sweet syrup made of sugar and rose water. There are two kinds of Faloodeh in Iran. One is known as Faloodeh Shirazi and is semi-frozen and sometimes it is served with ice cream. The other one is Faloodeh Yazdi which is more like a syrup and the noodles ae slightly thicker than the former. Both types of Faloodehs are popular among Iranians and travelers to this ancient country.

Abe Hayat Faloodeh
Faloodeh Yazdi which is like a syrup is more suitable with the hot climate of Yazd and is refreshing in hot middays of Yazd and after a wander in historic city of Yazd.
Abe Hayat Company is one the first companies in Yazd that produces Faloodeh as well as Sesame Products that are considered as local souvenirs of Yazd. Abe Hayat Company has been working for around a century selling and producing Faloodeh and sesame products such as Arde (Tahini , i.e. sesame cream) and Halva Ardeh.

Abe Hayat Faloodeh
Abe Hayat Company was basically founded by Haj Shokr-ul-Allah Abe Hayat (known as Halvaie) and then it was developed and modernized by his children and ancestors. 
The company is managed by Majid Abe Hayat and produces different kinds of sesame products such as sesame oil: both untapped and refined, different flavors of sesame cream (Arde), Arde Oil, Sesame, fucapit (sesame halva), sugar halva and etc.
These products are not popular in Yazd but also in Iran and even other countries and large amount of them are annually exported to other countries. 

Abe Hayat Faloodeh


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