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Shir Hosein Faloodeh

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City : Yazd
Address : Dolat Abad Junction, Motahhari St., Yazd

Shir Hosein Faloodeh

Shir Hossein Faloodeh Shop was first opened in 1962 on Motahari Street. It basically produced Faloodeh Yazdi (a Persian cold dessert served as thin noodles of starch soaked in sugar and rose water syrup), Arde (sesame cream), Halva Ardeh, sesame oil, and Arde oil. Shir Hosein Faloodeh shop has always been one of the best and most famous shops in Yazd where you can taste the unique Faloodeh Yazdi and different sesame products.

Today Shir Hossein Faloodeh Shop is largely developed and you can find not only previously-mentioned sesame products but also some new products such as different flavors of sesame cream like chocolate, pistachio, coconut, banana, hazelnut, and peanut; untapped and refined sesame oil, Arde oil, grapeseed oil; different flavors of ice cream; and various herbal drinks.

Shir Hosein Shop is usually crowded all the year, however; it is overcrowded in high tourism seasons by travelers and tourists who tend to taste and buy the delicious and nutritious products.

Note: Shir Hossein Faloodeh Shop is just few-minute walk across from Dolat Abad Garden.

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