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Marvast Castle

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City : Khatam
Address : Marvast, Khatam, Yad
Type of attractions : Historical
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : Pay something as tip to the guard!

Age of Marvast Castle

Historic estimates of Marvast Castle date back to the Islamic period or even earlier. The castle is located on an ancient highland hill in an area of about eight thousand meters. Due to the presence of Marvast Castle on a 6-meter hill, when we enter the city of Marvast from Herat road, this castle shows itself from far away and attracts the attention of every visitor.

Marvast Castle

Architecture of Marvast Castle 

The castle has long crenate fences in a four-sided form that some lofty towers have been built in the three corners of its wall.
Marvast castle of Yazd has 3 towers on its 3 corners; however, at its south-eastern entrance, a facade was built instead of a tower. The facade of the castle has been originally built on two floors, which the ceiling of the first floor has been destroyed over time, but the pillars have remained.
From its internal facilities such as the entrance vestibule, an alcove, stables and a kitchen, it can be said that the castle was both residential and military in the past.
The vestibule of this castle is designed in an octagonal plan, through which it was possible to access the roof of the entrance, entrance and exit of the castle, and the entrance hall.

Marvast Castle

Marvast Castle , a symbol of the city tourism

This historically valuable work is located in the central part of the historical context of Marvast in Yazd province, and  due to old age, it is known as a sign for the city of Marvast. Every year, many tourists travel to Marvast to visit this monument.
Marvast Castle was registered in Iran National Monuments on December 22, 1999 with registration No. 2545.

Marvast Castle

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