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Molki Castle of Harat (Herat)

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City : Khatam
Address : Beheshti st., Harat, Khatam, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Best Time To Visit : Spring

About Molki Castle of Harat

Molki Castle, located in the city of Harat ( Herat ), dates back to Afshariyeh and Zandieh period.
In 2009, the building was donated to Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization by Abu al-Fath Khan`s (one of the nobilities of the region) heir for cultural use, in particular, for creation of the Museum of Anthropology.

Some of the facilities in Herat Castle can be mentioned as the entrance vestibule, the alcove, the residential complex on two sides, the garrets and quivers, the public and private grain storages that are located inside the residential units. In addition, Molki Castle has a settlement for guards, stables, and an open animal's shelter. A space for emergency farming and agriculture and possibly the space for the time of encircling the castle, is also provided in the castle. 

Regarding the existing facilities in this building, in the past, the building has had a military-defensive use as well as residential use.
Molki Castle of Harat was registered in Iran National Monuments in 2008 with registration No. 24495.
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