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Abarkouh Shahrasb Castle

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City : Abarkuh
Address : Abarkouh
Type of attractions : Historical

Shahrasb Castle , a remnant from the heart of the history

Let's visit Abarkouh Shahrasb Castle with a high facade.
Abarkouh Shahrasb Castle with area of 17,000 square meters includes parts such as a vestibule, residential houses, a stable, grain warehouses, and a bath.
The basic core of this massive residential complex can be attributed to Safavid dynasty due to its separate tower and barrage and a facade, that is, it is located in the center of outer castle with eight towers in four corners.

Abarkouh ShaCastlehrasb

The streets and houses of this residential unit have been designed in a check form.
With two concentric fences, totally sixteen towers, Shahrasb Castle is among a few castles in Yazd province which architecture is fairly intact. 

Abarkouh ShaCastlehrasb

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