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Khatere Fahraj Desert Camp

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City : Yazd
Address : 20 km Yazd-Bafgh Road
Type of attractions : Natural

Spend one day in Fahraj Camp near one of Yazd's oldest villages, Fahraj.
Desert’s pristineness and wilderness, encourage people to rush to the desert and desert touring to get away from fuss of the city.
 As lack of city's clamor and buildings' density doubles the sense of imagination and quietness in human and refreshes the tired human body with its stunning tranquility, traveling in the desert can make you see the universe closely and experience inexplicable imaginative quietness and visual beauties of desert.

Khatere Fahraj Desert Camp

The Services of Fahraj Camp

Fahraj Camp is open in especial occasions such as Norouz and it can host the guests for nights.
A saloon has been built here with the capacity of 150 people that acts as a dining hall as well as a reception.
The followings are services provided in Khatereh Fahraj Camp:

Khatere Fahraj Desert Camp

• Off-road Vehicle Safari

• Beach volleyball

• Camel riding

• Bike riding

• Buffet

• Hookah

• Yazdi cupcake

Khatere Fahraj Desert Camp

For more information about Khatereh Fahraj Camp, please contact Raadina Support.

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