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Chak Chak Zoroastrians Shrine

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City : Ardakan
Address : 43 km northeast of Ardakan, Ardakan, Yazd
Type of attractions : Religious
Visiting Hours : 7:00 - 19:00
Visiting days : Every day
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : 200,000 IRR

A Brief Introduction to Chak Chak

Chak Chak is a Zoroastrian shrine located in the mountains in north of Yazd Province. At the first sight , it may look like a few simple brick houses with turqoise windows and fences. However, it is a sacred place where a large number of Zoroastrians attend to worship God.

Chak Chak Zoroastrians Shrine

Inner Space of Chak Chak Zoroastrians Shrine

Inner space of Chak Chak Zoroastrians Shrine is considered holy; so we must take off our shoes and put on some hat.
Entering the place, we will see an old Platanus in the middle and some pictures of Zoroastrians figures which have decorated this small shrine. The shrine is floored by marble and from the ceiling the water is dripping which was probably the reason for calling this place, Chak Chak meaning drip drip. It is interesting to know that there are some dishes on the floor of the shrine to collect dripping water in order to be partly given to the visitors as consecration and partly used.

Chak Chak Zoroastrians Shrine
Some candles are constantly burning in the shrine and there is a place for burning incense.
Next to Chak Chak Shrine, there are some rooms equipped with electricity and water where pilgrims can rest and stay.

Chak Chak Zoroastrians Shrine

Commemorating Pir-e Sabz , One of the Zoroastrian Rituals

Every year from June 14th to June 18th, lots of Zoroastrians inside and outside of Iran attend Chak Chak for five continuing days. They get together here to commemorate the owner of Pir-e Sabz who is believed by Zoroastrians to be a Sassanid Princess, probably the daughter of Yazdgerd III. It’s said that she was Shahrbanu’s sister, Imam Hossein’s wife, and was named Nikbanu who in order to keep her honor and chastity ran away to this region after Arabs’ invasion to Al-Mada'in.

Chak Chak Zoroastrians Shrine

Chak Chak , A Shrine for Gathering All Zoroastrians from All Over the World

It must be said that in this five- day pilgrimage period during which just Zoroastrians can attend Chak Chak shrine due to lack of enough space, more than five million Zoroastrians from different tribes and countries gather in Chak Chak . In the skirt of the mountain on which the shrine is located, a building and a Khyle has been built for each tribe in which the pilgrims can stay with their families, tribes, or friend groups. 

Chak Chak Zoroastrians Shrine
In fact, the five- day pilgrimage period is considered as a kind of Zoroastrians social, religious and cultural gathering in a natural friendly atmosphere with happy events and various cultural and religious ceremonies for nurturing their spirits and bodies. In this period, they also discuss their social issues and challenges in order to work them out. 
Abundant miracles of Pir-e Sabz are narrated and apart from this five- day period, a large number of Zoroastrians come to this place to ask for their wishes, comply their vows as well as to worship God, say prayers, and hold religious celebrations such as Gahambars, and other celebrations such as engagement, wedding, and Navjote.

Chak Chak Zoroastrians Shrine

Where is Chak Chak Zoroastrians Shrine ?

Chak Chak Zoroastrians Shrine is located 37 km northeast of Ardakan near a spring under a cliff in Chak Chak Mountain of Ardakan.
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Chak Chak Zoroastrians Shrine
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