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City : Yazd
Address : Alma Cafe, 5-star Safayehieh Hotel, Imam Hassan Square, Timsar Fallahi Street, Yazd
Servicing hours : 9:00 a.m.- 1:00 a.m.

Italy Café which was previously as Café Alma is located in Safayieh Hotel in Safayieh District of Yazd City. It is a modern cafe with a modern eco-friendly interior design and the capacity of 110 seats and was opened in 2012. 
Italy Café serves delicious international breakfast as well as hot and cold drinks, refreshments, and desserts. The dishes are not only delicious, but also they are served in attractive dressings and designs. All these delicious and good-looking dishes are made and designed by professional well-behaved staff of Italy Café.
Is the place important to you? If yes, so this glass café is a great place for you where you can have your order served in a quite charming luxurious environment. However, it is not just the indoor where you enjoy your drink, you can also choose the outdoors to have your order served.
In addition to above-mentioned points, the restaurant provides to organize banquets, graduations, or birthday celebrations.
If you are staying in Safayieh Hotel, you are highly recommended to taste the drinks and desserts of Italy Café.


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