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Homs Garden of Bafq

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City : Bafq
Address : Bafq
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting Hours : No Visit

Age of Homs Garden of Bafq

This building dates back to Qajar period and it is one of the most beautiful and large buildings in Bafq. 

View of Homs Garden of Bafq 

The garden consists of an interior and an exterior space with a very beautiful and large porch in front of which there are pine and pomegranate trees. At the entrance of the garden, we arrive at a spectacular vestibule which guides us through a narrow corridor to the interior and exterior spaces of the garden .

Homs Garden of Bafq
This garden has a relatively large badgir ( wind tower ) that was built on a room adjacent to the porch and was used in summer.

Homs Garden of Bafq was registered in Iran National Monuments with registration No. 15071. 
It should be noted that this historical garden is a personal property and has no public visit.

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Homs Garden of Bafq
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