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Talar Yazd Restaurant

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City : Yazd
Address : Jomhouri Blvd., Yazd
Servicing hours : 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m
Phone number : +98 35 35222019

Talar-e Yazd, located on Jomhouri Boulevard, was founded under the brand of Haji Ashpaz in 1969 by Mr. Qahvechi al-Husseini. This modern restaurant has 3 catering halls for holding ceremonies: 2 halls have the capacity of 1000 seats and the VIP hall has the capacity of 200 seats.

Talar Yazd Restaurant
Talar Yazd with the best raw materials and the best skilled chefs provides professional designed meals and a wide range dishes on the menu including Persian and foreign cuisines, seafood, desserts and beverages in the pleasant atmosphere. Talar e Yazd with stylish halls, nice decoration and dedicated parking has tried to provide a decent service to welcome and host the dear guests.

Talar Yazd Restaurant
In addition to lunch and dinner, the restaurant provides to organize banquets, graduations, weddings or birthday celebrations.

Talar Yazd Restaurant
Talar Yazd is one of the best restaurants in Yazd where you can taste and experience most delicious and high quality foods.

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By حامد امینی In 04 Sep 2019
با سلام. چند روز پیش به رستوران تالار یزد رفتیم. غذا بی کیفیت و سرد بود. هنگام صرف غذا داخل غذا نخ کاموا پیدا شد. هیچ گونه مسئولیتی بابت این اتفاق به عهده نگرفتند و در مقابل اعتراض ما برخورد بدی داشتند.

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