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Yazd Art House

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City : Yazd
Address : Fahadan District, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting days : Every day

Yazd Art House is one of the historic houses in Fahadan area, which was registered with the name of Mehdi Malekzadeh. In the not-so-distant days, four generations of Malekzade's offspring lived in this house. The house dates back to the Qajar era, which started and continues to be restored from about 2014.

Yazd Art House

An Art Gallery in the Art house 

Since two years ago, a small part of the house has been operating in the form of the Yazd Art House Tourism Association. In the Yazd Art House Tourism Association, you visit a beautiful old house, more over you can walk in its beautiful gallery and enjoy the precious displays of Yazd artists, buy from handicraft shop, sit and walk on the rooftop which is known as “The roof of Yazd”. while drinking different local drinks, you can sit on this famous rooftop, watch the magnificent and historic view of the desert city of Yazd (what is known as “a bird view”), and be amazed by this spectacular view.
The current owners of the Art Café are a young and affectionate couple who receive visitors and guests with open arms. 

Yazd Art House

The city of Yazd

Yazd, the world's first brick-making city in the center of Iran, has many tourist attractions and always invites you to watch the beauty of desert and history. Each year, many domestic and foreign tourists travel to Yazd to visit the adobe bricks and the fantastic view of desert, to immerse themselves in their ancient soul, and to honor the glory of Iran's history.
The Yazd Art House was registered in Iranian National Monuments List on December 28, 2000 with the registration number 2950.

Yazd Art House

The address 

The Yazd Art House is located on Imam Khomeini Street, Fahadan neighborhood, next to the historic bathhouse of Abol Maaali.
For more information about the Art House of Yazd, please contact Raadina Support.

Yazd Art House

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