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Yazd Nabati Cave

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City : Meybod
Address : Nadooshan, Yazd
Type of attractions : Natural
Best Time To Visit : Spring

Nadooshan Nabati Cave, the Most Beautiful Cave in Yazd

Nabati Cave in Yazd Province is a fascinating and attractive natural phenomenon, having white and rockcandy-like crystals, and known as The Bride of Yazd Caves. The sound of life and water trickling down the Nabati Cave can still be heard indicating cave formation, making Nabati Cave in Nodoosahn one of the active caves in Iran.

Yazd Nabati Cave

Where Is Nadooshan Nabati Cave?

Nabati Cave is situated 20 kilometers west of Yazd, after Nasrabad Rural District. Isfahan and Yazd provinces have roads to Nabati Cave, both of which end in Nadooshan.In order to go to Nabati Cave in Yazd, you need to go to Nadooshan through Meybod in Yazd or Sourak in Isfahan.

Yazd Nabati Cave

Having arrived in Nadooshan, you need to go to Nasrabad Rural District, and then after 8.6 km, you will reach the Sadrabad barrage. Keep moving until you reach a dirt roadway on the right. Continue this road for 6.1 Km until you arrive at a mountain in which there’s a cave. After half an hour of climbing you will arrive at the cave entrance. Finding cave entrance without a guide or GPS, however, will be difficult. 

Yazd Nabati Cave

The Features of Nabati Cave in Nadooshan Yazd

Nadooshan Nabati Cave has a crater with the size of 1.5×1.5 m in the mountain in the form of a hole in the ground with the depth of 4 m after which is the completely darker of the cave. Nabati cave’s hall, a spring with limpid water, stalagmite (conical speleothems), and numerous passages are some of the fascinating features of this cave. For the purpose of better guidance of visitors, there are some ropes to help easy return; despite being large, Nabati cave is not a difficult venture.

Yazd Nabati Cave

Active Life of Nabati Cave in Yazd

As mentioned earlier, Nabati Cave in Yazd is an alive and active cave, and experts believe that the presence of moisture and lime materials in the cave, trickling of water from speleothems and repairing and restructuring broken speleothems are some of the signs proving this notion. Speleothems, crystals, and beautiful stony and crystalline pillars in this cave are eye catching architectural masterpieces of God attracting and dazzling everyone, and the first thing crossing the mind is the unique power of God.
In Nabati Cave in Nadooshan, magnificent and exquisite wonders have been made by the beautiful natural stalagmite and stalactite pillars and cauliflower crystals in its corridors. Small puddles are formed in different parts of the cave, and the number of them depends upon the amount of precipitation and trickling of water down the speleothems and other natural factors. Nabati Cave in Yazd is attractive that many tourists visit the cave every year but unfortunately by throwing rubbish they have caused damage to the speleothems.

Yazd Nabati Cave

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