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Mazraeh-ye Kalantar Village of Meybod

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City : Meybod
Address : Meybod, Yazd
Type of attractions : Cultural, Historical

Meybod is a historical town with a history of some thousands years that embraces Mazraeh-ye Kalantar village. The village has pleasant weather and a population of 22 households. Here you can find inhabitants from different religions who are living peacefully next to each other.

Mazraeh-ye Kalantar Village of Meybod

About Mazraeh-ye Kalantar Village of Yazd

Mazraeh-ye Kalantar Village has a historical background from which old cisterns, watermills, and historical castles have survived since pre-Islamic era. The village with its old context looks like as if it got out of the ground with its adobe and muddy domes and has made an intimate relationship with the desert’s bright sun. In the spring and fall, the cool weather comes back to the village increasing the number of visitors. Most of the villagers are local Zoroastrians who still follow their ancestors’ customs and originality.  

Mazraeh-ye Kalantar Village of Meybod

Architecture Style and Context of Mazraeh-ye Kalantar Village 

This village is connected to Mazraeh-ye Rafi Abad from the north and to Mazraeh-ye Ghasem Abad from the south. Since Mazraeh-ye Kalantar has been located in the commercial and communicative highway, it is highly important from archaeology and tourism point of view. Engineering system of the village reflects discipline and special ecotourism of the Mazraeh-ye Kalantar Village of Meybod; most of which adobe 4-vaults houses with their erected badgirs towers have been built towards the west. The houses have long corridors which remind us of roofed alleys of desert regions.  
Qanat is the source of water for agriculture section in this area and main spring for the village which flows from the highest point of the village to the end of fire temple and doubles the beauty and attractiveness of the region. Pistachio, strawberry, and pomegranate trees with its beautiful blossoms at the houses and fields, vast and green farms and original hills with colorful narcissus flowers and wildling desert plants make the village green, especially in the spring that give an indescribable beauty to the region.

Mazraeh-ye Kalantar Village of Meybod

Customs and Ceremonies in Mazraeh-ye Kalantar Village

 Pious people of the region worship, pray to Ahura Mazda, and do their rites at fire temple of the village which is at a shrine near the village. In addition to the rites, there are customs and ceremonies to celebrate different occasions. Fire work in Chaharshanbe Suri welcomes ceremony of Nouruz by setting Haftsin table like other Iranian villages. Special celebrations of this region are:
Mehregan celebrations which last for 6 days, at 1st July and 1st October (10th Mehr and 10th Tir in Persian Calendar); 
Sadeh celebration that is held at the 100th day of winter and divides winter into 5 months;
Deyegan celebration that is one of the greatest celebrations of Zoroastrian and held at (31st December (Dey 10th in Persian Calendar); and
Farvardinegah is another celebration of this region which is held at March 30th (Farvardin 10th in Persian Calendar).
For the provisions of these celebrations in Mazraeh Kalantar Village, fruits such as watermelons, pomegranates, melons, apples, grapes, and goodies such as confection, nuts, and drinks are provided. Villagers wear costumes like underwear, shirt, pants and shoes and participate in the celebration while men wear a headband and a hat and women wear special hats called Lachak and special scarves called Makani. The celebrations usually continued till after midnight

Mazraeh-ye Kalantar Village of Meybod

Souvenirs and Handcrafts of Mazraeh Kalantar Village of Yazd

Souvenirs of Mazraeh-ye Kalantar Village of Yazd are pistachio, pomegranate, strawberry, different kinds of bread and a special kind of halva which is prepared by flour, oil and strawberry sap. Different kinds of traditional costumes are of the most important handcrafts of the village.

Mazraeh-ye Kalantar Village of Meybod

For more information about Mazraeh Kalantar of Yazd, please contact Raadina Support. 

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