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The Traditional Fooka Cafe and restaurant

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City : Yazd
Address : Imam Khomieni St, Yazd
Servicing hours : 10:30 a.m.-12:00 a.m.
Phone number : +98 35 36208520

The Traditional Fooka Cafe and restaurant located on Masjed Jame Street, has been opened by Mr. Montazeri in 2015. Fooka Cafe with the capacity of 150 to 200 people, along with experienced and helpful staff, is ready to host dear guests and fulfill their orders.
Cafe Fooka has both Persian and English menus including Iranian and foreign cuisine, hot and cold drinks, cakes and delicious desserts, and vegetarian friendly. This café and restaurant has created unique flavors and stylish decorations in order to provide a great and memorable experience for all of its customers.
The recently opened Fooka Cafe has achieved a good position among restaurants and coffee shops in Yazd and a great popularity among tourists and locals.
A vegetarian menu, live music for ceremonies and celebrations, and a rooftop with the spectacular view to the old city of Yazd are some of the features of Café Fooka in Yazd.
Fooka Restaurant is located near the traditional hotels and historic sites of Yazd, such as the Antique Malek-o Tojjar Hotel, lab-e-Khandaq Historical Hotel, Amir Chakhmaq Complex and Masjed-e Jameh.
If you are looking for a different taste and atmosphere, Fooka Cafe is a classy and excellent choice.

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