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City : Yazd

Sadaf Mall is the most recent and modern mall in Yazd with an area of 5000 square meters in the modern neighborhood of Yazd, Safayieh. The Sadaf Mall includes 5 floors and 100 commercial properties presenting goods such as bags, shoes, clothing, cosmetics, handicrafts, accessories, as well as gold and silver accessories. You can find most clothing, cosmetics, and electronic brands in the stores in Sadaf Mall. The mall was opened in 2014 and it is managed by Mr. Ali Yazdiyan.

Sadaf Mall enjoys the various facilities such as the information desk, elevators and escalators, parking spaces, toilets, children's indoor playground, a cafe on the basement floor.

As Sadaf Mall is located in Safayieh District of Yazd city, it is close to Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel and Yazd Arg-E-Jadid Hotel, and many restaurants and coffee shops. So if you wish to wander in the modern part of a historically Old Town, Sadaf Mall is a good place to meet people with an old culture at the same time with modern life style.

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