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Afzali House of Ardakan

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City : Ardakan
Address : 77, Amjad Alley, Khamenei Blvd., Ardakan, azd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting Hours : 8- 13, 17- 19
Visiting days : Every week day
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : 50000 IRR

Afzali House , a qajari house from the heart of history

Afzali House of Ardakan , the residence of a merchant, is left from the Qajar and the early Pahlavid era which was built with the common architectural style of the houses in Ardakan. This is a house with a central courtyard and the materials used for constructing it include mud, bricks, and plaster. 

Afzali House of Ardakan

Architecture of Afzali House

Let's enter this three sided house and its central courtyard which is the main part of the house and the other parts that are built around it. At the south side of the house, there is a basement, a hall, and a square-shaped room with a dome like roof. Two chambers with six entrances form the west part of the house. At the south west side, there is a stairway to the roof and Payab (water passage way) and there is also a room in the basement in which there is a canal made of bricks for water flowing. It must be mentioned that at the beginning of the Payab entrance, there's a room that nobody can enter as its entrance is blocked.

Afzali House of Ardakan
The winter residency of the house, like its north front, was built in two floors. Having two floors in the winter residency part is one of the amazing features of Afzali House ; the first floor has a short ceiling with a store and a kitchen but the second floor has three chambers with six entrance doors which are opened to the courtyard. 
The roof of the house is crescent shaped and the flat roof of the front porch is made with three pillars and has a crescent shaped arc.
An iwan and rooms on the second floor are accessible from the two stairways located in the north fronts.
Like the other Iranian houses, the summer residency of Afzali House has a big porch with badgirs which reach the piscine and cellar.

Afzali House of Ardakan

The current location of Afzali House of Ardakan

Mending and repairing Afzali House of Ardakan which had begun from 2005 is now done and its current location is no.77, Amjad alley, Ayatollah Khamenei Boulevard, Ardakan.

This historical house has changed into a carpet museum showing carpets, rugs, and flat weaves hosting the tourists and visitors.

Afzali House of Ardakan was registered in Iran National Monuments on March 15, 2006 with registration no. 11619.

Afzali House of Ardakan

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