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Arabzadeh House ( Heydarzadeh Coin and Anthropology Museum )

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City : Yazd
Address : Fahadan Alley, Imam St., Yazd
Type of attractions : Cultural, Historical

The historical Arabzadeh House or the Heydarzadeh coin and anthropology Mesuem is a historical house built in Qajari era with alluring architecture and decorations.

What is Keryas?

The entrance of Arabzade house is at the south-east side of the building and opens to a vestibule which is called Keryas by Yazdi people. On the left side of the Keryas, there's a passage to the roof, a stable below it, and a corridor on its right side which leads to the courtyard of the house. A Rasmi badni (interlocking patterns, arches and geometric shapes) plaster work can be seen on the ceiling of the Keryas, in the middle of which there is light well providing light to the entrance of the house

Arabzadeh House

Architectural of Arabzadeh House

The courtyard of Arabzadeh House stretches along north and south and there is a big pond in the middle of it. There are two earrings (small rooms on the sides of the shaneshin) with two doors at both sides of the summer hall. There are panjdaris (rooms with five doors) and Sedaris (rooms with three doors) in the entrance corridor and the doors of panjdari rooms are wooden, lattice with colorful glasses. This building has beautiful plaster work with arabesque depicting the incident of Karbala. The basement, located under the panjdari rooms, has added to the beauty and space of the historical Arabzade House. The big hall and the wooden Kalbandi of the doors opening to the courtyard shows the harmony and the beauty of the building. The upstairs room of this house was devoted to the guests of Arabzadeh Family. 
There is a big old-fashioned kitchen in the corner of the Arabzadeh House equipped with some stoves. 

Arabzadeh House

Visit Heydarzadeh Coins and Anthropology Museum in Arabzadeh House

Arabzadeh House is currently functioning as Hedarzadeh Museum and hosts Iranian and foreign visitors. The things collected by Mr. Hossein Heydarzadeh including different types of historical coins, tools and appliances used by people in the past, silver jewels, old scripts, etc. are being shown in this museum since 2004. 

Location of Heydarzadeh Coin and Anthropolgy Museum

Arabzadeh House is located in Fahadan Alley, Imam Street, Yazd. 
Arabzadeh House was registered in Iran National Monuments List with the registration No. 7760 on March 8, 2003.

Arabzadeh House
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