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Razaqian House of Taft

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City : Taft
Address : Garmsir District, Jomhouri St., Taft
Type of attractions : Historical

About Razaqian House of Taft

Razaqian House of Taft is one of the typical examples of traditional houses of Pahlavi era in Yazd. In addition to the central courtyard, summer and winter rooms, hall and basement, there are elements such as badgir, vestibule, pavilion, cob mortar, and delicate plaster work.
The presence of certain elements such as two short four-sided badgirs, and an iwan and an arcade on the eastern side of the building, have made Razaqian House of Taft a special monument in Taft.
The approximate area of the field of the house is 750 square meters and its building area is 550 square meters. In recent years, renovations have been carried out and currently Taft Cultural Heritage Office is placed here.

Razaqian House of Taft

Architecture of Historical Razaqian House of Taft

The beautiful facade of Razaqian Historical House has a decorative composition of bricks and cob, along with a plaster work of the verse “بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم نصر من الله و فتح القریب”  (In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate, support from God, and imminent victory. - Year 1971) on it.

Razaqian House of Taft

The ceiling of the vestibule of Razaqian House is square, with a beautiful pergola decorated with eight-petal flowers and a ceiling with a Persian ribbed vault (Kar-bandi, the intersection of the arches) that leads to the yard through a hallway. There is a fairly large courtyard with four trench gardens with different native plants and a stone pond with a beautiful design on the western side in the front a porch with a brick arched roof.
A barrel vault, a badgir, a pergola and an oval pond, an inscription with the text “ماشاا... لاحول و لا قوه الا باا... العلی العظیم” (As God wills, There is no power but in Allah the Great, the Almighty) of plaster work grace the porch of Razaqian Historical House . The inscription is the work of Master Gholam Hossein in 1971.

Razaqian House of Taft

The northern side of the building is one meter above the ground level, and there is a basement under it. There are some rooms located on this level, and the wooden doors with a round arch has doubled its delicacy. The central sedari (three-door room) has a rather short, four-sided badger that continues to the basement.
The kitchen of Razaqian House is located in the northwest corner of the house and the stairs are placed in a corner of the kitchen. The southern side of the house also has several rooms with different usages.

On August 2, 2005, Razaqian House of Taft was registered in Iran National Monuments List with registration No. 12353.

Razaqian House of Taft

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Razaqian House of Taft is located in Garmsir district, Jomhouri Avenue, next to the Molaheydar Mosque.

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