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City : Meybod
Address : Shah Abbasi Carvanserai, Qazi MirHossein Blvd., Meybod, Yazd
Phone number : +98 9131536772

Shah Abbasi Restaurant in Meybod is a beautiful traditional restaurant in the western hall of the Shah Abbasi Caravanserai which is built in the famous Safavid Style (brick building with four iwans). Having visited the beauties and wonders of the Caravanserai, you will see Shah Abbasi restaurant, one of the good restaurants in Meybod where you can feel the history and taste good traditional Iranian cuisines.
The tall brick walls with beautiful dome vaults offer a magnificent splendor to the Shah Abbasi Restaurant making everyone watch around. As well as tables and chairs throughout, there are brick platforms around the Grand Hall of the restaurant where the food is served traditionally on special mattresses on the ground.
In addition to the traditional cuisines on the menu of Shah Abbasi Restaurant, there is also a variety of fast food in order to satisfy the various tastes. Inside this restaurant, there is a coffee shop with hot and cold drinks which are suitable for all seasons of the year, and it covers almost every kind of drink on the menu.
As it was mentioned earlier, Shah Abbasi Restaurant in Meybod is located in Shah Abbasi Caravanserai which was registered in the list of Iran National Monuments on August 21, 1978 with registration No. 1618.
If you are staying in Meybod, then Shah Abbasi Restaurant which is located near you is a good choice to enjoy delicious meals and experience memorable moments.

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