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Salar House of Meybod

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City : Meybod
Address : Bagheshahi Neighborhood, Meybod
Type of attractions : Historical

Salar House of Meybod belonged to Haji Salar Navadegan who was one of the famous traditional physicians of his age in Qajari era.

The architecture of Salari House

Let's enter the house with common architecture style of houses in Yazd. A quadrilateral house which was built around a central courtyard surrounded with gardens and several spaces and rooms. At the south side of this historical house, there's a sore orange tree grown up in a high porch which shows that this house used to be visited by many people in the past. 
A symmetrical method has been made in a good way that the west and the east sides are completely symmetric with the only difference that the space and the room located in the west side can access to the courtyard from one side and from other side to the garden in the west side. There is a beautiful three-door room ( sedari ) at the north side of this house that has two corridors at its both sides; one of them has access to a vestibule with three entrances: one to the garden, one to inside of the house, and the last one to the entrance of the house.

Salar House of Meybod , A Jewel in the middle of Green Gardens

Locating among the gardens of this district is another feature of this historical building. This historical house is surrounded by gardens of pomegranate and other fruit trees and some luxurious houses. There used to be a running water in the garden of this house but because of the death of qanat, the water is now supplied from a well. 
Salar House of Meybod is currently located in Bagheshahi district and now hosts Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Meybod . 
Salar House of Meybod was registered in Iran National Monuments on march 15, 2001 with the registration no. 3695.

Other than visiting Salar House , you can also go to see Narin Castle and Pigeon Tower if you go to Meybod.

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