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Khaje Khezr Zurkhaneh

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City : Yazd
Address : Imam Khomeini St., Yazd
Servicing hours : 17:00-18:00 & 19:30-20:30

Khaje Khezr Zurkhaneh is located in Khaje Khezr neighborhood in the old city of Yazd and is considered as the oldest Zurkhaneh in Iran that is still active and dates back to Safavid era. 
The monument of Khaje Khezr Zurkhaneh was registered as a national monument on March 8, 2003. Here, different kinds of Pahlevani sport and zurkhaneh rituals are practiced by gentlemen who do ancient Persian exercises such as shena, meel geeri, meel baazi, charkh zadan, etc.; while, the Morshed is reciting some verses as well as beating the zarb (drum) and zang (bell). 
The structure of Khaje Khezr Zurkhane is also historically valuable which is decorated from inside by the photos of various Iranian heroes and Pahlavans. From inside, the zurkhaneh looks like a heroic photo gallery.
To experience the traditional and heroic atmosphere of Iranian sports, do not miss visiting Khaje Khezr Zurkhaneh.


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