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Golshan House of Yazd ( Laleh Hotel )

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City : Yazd
Address : Mahale Tal Neighborhood, Dahom-e Farvardin St.,Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical

History of Golshan House

Golshan House of Yazd is an old one made of clay in Qajari dynasty. This house includes three connected buildings and it is like those old Yazdi houses which have the old residential and architectural features of Yazdi houses such as halls, wind towers, five and three door rooms ( sedari and panjdar ), basements, and orangeries.
Golshan house was built by Ali Akbar Mahalle Tali known as Moravvej . Because he gave this house to his daughter Bibi Fatemeh and her husband Haj Hossein Golshan , this house became known as Golshan House of Yazd.

Golshan House of Yazd ( Laleh Hotel )

Architecture of Golshan House

Golshan House of Yazd comprises three parts of inner, outer, and orangery. Each of these parts had been allocated to specific members of Golshan family and their servants. 

The orangery and the outer part were added to the house by the late Mr. Moravvej in Reza Shah ruling period, but the other parts had been made in Qajari era. Being more than 120 years old, this house has 42 rooms each of which designed in a special way. The porch and the central courtyard of the house are good places to spend your free time and having friendly conversations in. The beautiful mixture of the original architecture with vestibules, corridors, sedari and panjdari rooms, and the reflection of embroidery light of windows altogether make a sweet memoir in your mind. It's interesting to know that the inner courtyard belongs to 90 years ago in Qajari dynasty. 

Golshan House of Yazd ( Laleh Hotel )

A treasure trove in Golshan House

A treasure trove including a copper caldron full of golden coins belonging to Mrs. Golshan , the late Mr. Moravvej's wife, was found in this house in 1996. 

Laleh Hotel in Golshan House

Till 1987, Golshan House had been used as a residential place. Abandoned for some years, its repairing began in 1999 and it became ready to use after 3 years. Now, Golshan House of Yazd hosts visitors from Iran and all over the world under the name of Laleh Hotel.

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Golshan House is located in Dahom-e Farvardin Street, Mahaleh Tal neighborhood.

Golshan House of Yazd ( Laleh Hotel )

For more information about Golshan House of Yazd ( Laleh Hotel ), please contact Raadina Online . 

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