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Farvardin Village in Ardakan

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City : Ardakan
Address : 40Km Mashhad-Yazd road, Ardakan

Farvardin Village in Ardakan was constructed in 2015 in Ardakan as a natural park. Farvardin Village is built around Farvardin Spring on the mountains in the desert watering the wildlife and nature of the area. 
When arriving the village, the first thing that catches your eyes is the ruins of the ancient stone Farvardin or Anjireh Caravanserai dating back to Ilkhanid Era. This stone caravanserai is known as one the oldest caravanserai in Iran which is also unique in terms of its architecture.
You can arrive to the complex via a dirt road and climb a few meters to get to the complex. Just around the complex, you can climb the mountains to the spring and visit wonderful caves on your way. Arriving at the spring, you can use pure mineral water that is fresh and drinkable. 
Farvardin Village Complex has a restaurant and an ecolodge where you can stay a night. The rooms are in the form of large camping tents to convey the true feeling of staying in nature far from the crowd of the city.  Here, different ceremonies such as Color Celebration, Water Celebration are held to keep the tradition and history alive. To participate in these ceremonies, you should contact the complex beforehand. 
The creational sites under construction in the complex include a cycling track, an astronomy site, a rock climbing platform, a horse riding club, an art gallery, and a farm of organic products for daily use. 
Kharanaq Village, Chak Chak Zoroastrian Shrine and historical monuments in Ardakan are the nearby attractions. 


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