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Charsooq Bazaar in Ardakan

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City : Ardakan
Address : Downtown, Ardakan, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical

About Charsooq Bazaar in Ardakan

Charsooq Bazaar is one of the biggest mudbrick bazaars in Iran. It is more than 400 years old and bears the art of Safavid era architecture. This roofed bazaar is located in the historical context of Ardakan. Charsooq Bazaar is one-kilometer long, starting at the southern gate of the city (Bazaar-e No) and leading to the northern gate (Kushk-e Nu). Charsooq Bazaar in Ardakan has been once an ornament of the city and belonged to the goldsmiths, but now its only two Rasteh (Bazaar street) with several buildings around it are active and in good condition. The word Charsooq or Charsu (as local say) is referred to a place on the four sides of which there are bazaars. Here the word Char which means four is correct. When the two bazaars are crossed, as a result you have four bazaars. And the same is true for the Ardakan Charsooq Bazaar because it lies exactly in a place that there are four markets around. In the city of Ardakan, there were special markets for the merchants and tradesmen, the big Charsooq Bazaar and the small Charsooq Bazaar were two of the most important.
There are also some other famous Charsooq bazaars in some other cities of Iran including Isfahan Charsooq, Kohneh Charsooq, Tehran Charsooq, Kerman Charsooq and etc.

Charsooq Bazaar in Ardakan

Structure of the Charsooq Bazaar in Ardakan

The main part of Charsooq Bazaar has been an octagon building with 4 entrances. This monument has a 32-sided dome with a height of 6 meters, the end of which is covered with pergolas and provides light to the market.

The lines of this bazaar end at several gates such as the Seif Gate, Akhund Gate. Seif Gate was beautifully restored in 2008.
Charsooq Bazaar or Zarin Bazaar in Ardakan, in addition to shops, has a beautiful ab anbar, an Assari shop (Sesame transformation to Ardeh), a hammam with the symbol of the lion and sun (representing the time of harvesting wheat), several Timches (for security), water stream passing through the bazaar which all these show the beauty of the architectural style of this bazaar. Charsooq Bazaar also has smaller and minor bazaars, joining the main market, and this crossroads is called Charsooq or Charsu.
The Charsooq Bazaar including a mosque, a Ribat, an ab anbar, Zarin Bazaar, the women's and men's hammams was registered in the list of National Iranian Monuments.  
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Charsooq Bazaar in Ardakan

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