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Rig Mosque in Rezvanshahr

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City : Ashkezar
Address : Rezvanshahr, Ashkezar, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical, Religious

The History of The Rig Mosque in Rezvanshahr

Rig Mosque in Rezvanshahr is a 700-year-old mosque with a Shiatt architectural style. It dates back to the 9th century AH. and was made by Moein al-Din Ashraf. Previously, Rig Mosque in Yazd has been buried in the sand for many years, but recently, in 1991, it was unearthed and showed its glory and greatness. Abundant sandy hills beside the remains of the old walls and old houses are a sign of the antiquity and originality of this historic monument.
Rig Mosque in Rezvanshahr in Yazd province with registration No. 2402 has been registered as a National Iranian monument in August 2008.

Rig Mosqe in Rezvanshahr

Architectural Structure of Rezvanshahr Mosque

Rezvanshahr Mosque is known as a pearl in the desert. The high brick dome of the Rig Mosque is the first symbol of this mosque. Then, when you enter the mosque, a 6-in-6-meter square courtyard is located right below the dome. From the west of the yard, you can go to the tomb, which is perfectly clinging to the mosque. The mosaic tiled Mihrab of the mosque is one of the most beautiful places in this beautifully decorated mosque.
The architectural style, large pillars, as well as large size of the mosque and its location in the heart of the sands reflect the glory of the mosque. As it is a Shiite mosque, it is a valid document on the rise of the Shiite religion in this realm proving that the people in Rezvanshahr in the distant past have been Shiiat. The mosque shows that the people in this village converted to Islam, Shiiat sect, two centuries before the Shi'i official establishment in the country.

Rig Mosqe in Rezvanshahr

Historical Graves in Rig Mosque

The grave of Haji Kamal al-Din, the probable founder of the Rig Mosque in Rezvanshahr is one of the memorials graves which is located at the center of the mosque. Now the only part remained from the grave is the tilework on which there are some verses of poems all around the grave.
The grave of Haji Jamal al-Din Mahmud bin Haji Kamal al-Din is 68 cm wide, 220 cm long, and 55 cm high. Another grave is inside the Rig mosque in Rezvanshahr located on the left side of the mosque. All around the grave, names of 12 Shiite Imams are printed on mosaic tiles decorated with some other verses of Quran.
There is also another mausoleum in Rig Mosque which contains twenty-three graves which are all unknown.
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Rig Mosqe in Rezvanshahr

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