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Farrokhi Yazdi's House

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City : Yazd
Address : Opposite of Shzade Fazel's Shrine, Imam St., Yazd
Type of attractions : Cultural

Architecture of House of A Liberal Poet, Farrokhi Yazdi

Farrokhi Yazdi’s House , built in the late Qajar and early Pahlavi period, has two entrances in northern part, two central courtyards and some rooms around the courtyard. This house has a large underground with an area as same as that of complete building. After the first entrance, there is a corridor in which there are a staircase to the rooftop and entrances to the rooms.

On the opposite side, two small and large rooms link the courtyards. The first courtyard is smaller than the second courtyard, and a pond is located in the middle of it. On the wall of southern side, there is a slight plaster decoration.

About the rooms in eastern side, it should be said that we can enter the second courtyard through a corridor. In front us there used to be some rooms that have been destroyed. The second entrance of the house is located in the western side next to a corridor to the porch and the kitchen.

Learn about Farrokhi Yazdi

It is good to know more about the owner of the house, Mirza Muhammad, known as Farrokhi. He was born in 1888 in Yazd. At age of 16, he studied science and then worked in a bakery and later in textile industry. He was a serious Democrat in the early days of the Constitutional Revolution and the emergence of the Democratic Party in Iran. Thus, he was among the liberals of Yazd.

As Farrokhi Yazdi had great vertu in poetry, he expressed his revolutionary thoughts in his poems and as a result of writing revolutionary poems, the ruler of Yazd ordered to sew his lips with needles and thread as his punishment.
Farrokhi Yazdi was executed on October 18, 1939, under the command of Reza Shah, in a police prison by the air inmates. Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about his tomb.

Following is some verse of his poems which we have translated into English:
To turn the tyranny on the way of liberty,
One should take the sword by his hand.
How long is the world famished for the minor stuffed?
The revenge of the ravenous should be taken of the minor stuffed.

Current Location of Farrokhi Yazdi's House

Farrokhi Yazdi's House is located in the old city of Yazd and in Imam Khomeini street.

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